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social care for adults

Once your child is 18, any social care services they need are provided by the council’s Adult Social Care Team.

becomging-an-adult-3The ‘Social care’ chapter in our ‘Through the Next Maze 2014’ handbook explains the rules about social care and assessments for disabled adults and their carers and gives details of how assessments are carried out locally. We also explain the range of services that may be available, such as day activities, home care services and short breaks,  as well as the option of Direct Payments (DP).

Download Through the Next Maze 2016 – Chapter 6 – Social care [pdf 252kb]

The provision of adult services for your child should have been discussed and agreed during the transition planning process – so hopefully there should be no surprises when your child reaches 18. Read more about transition planning.

I wanted to sort out some housing for Steven but they said I had to have an assessment first. I’ve been waiting 10 months and I still don’t know when they’ll get round to us. You just learn to wait!
Rachel’s transition from Children to Adult Services has been very smooth. I feel that the different agencies, like Connexions [now called the Youth Employability Service], social care and the health professionals, have all communicated well between themselves so bringing about a positive experience of transition. Throughout the process I always felt everyone involved worked with Rachel’s best interests at heart.


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