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school age children

Most children with special educational needs in Brighton & Hove are educated in mainstream schools and this includes most children with Statements or Education, Health and Care Plans.

school age children with SENChildren with more significant learning difficulties and EHC Plans or Statements of SEN may go to one of the city’s special schools or to a special unit attached to a mainstream school.  This page will explain more about both types of school.  If you want to find out more about how schools should assess and support children with special educational needs, read the section called  SEN – the basics. On this page we talk about both EHC Plans (often called EHCPs) and Statements. This is because, from September 2014, EHC Plans have replaced Statements but children who already have a Statement will transfer to an EHC Plan over the next three years.

I was worried about my son who can’t walk or talk being in a class of 30, and yet, with extra help, it has worked out wonderfully.
Mainstream Schools and SEN
What help is available at a mainstream school?
Support for children with medical needs
Special schools and units in Brighton and Hove
Choosing a school
Transport to school

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