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under fives

Education in a formal sense is generally seen as starting from the age of two or two and a half. This section will look at mainstream and specialist education for pre-school children.

education for under 5s with SENMost children with special needs under two will have all their educational needs met in the nurseries and playgroups available for all very young children. But if your child has significant needs that have already been picked up on, they may well also access pre-school education in a specialist setting.

Some very young children will attend therapy groups at the Seaside View Child Development Centre, or your child may be referred to the Pre-school Special Educational Needs Service (PRESENS). If your child has a hearing or visual impairment, the Sensory Needs Service will be involved from their very early years.

I saw the pre-school teacher when Jane was very young, before she could possibly have gone to playgroup, and she didn’t talk that much then about provision. It was more about how I could play with her and what I should be doing with her, and that was just wonderful, and that started right from the first diagnosis, and then she came round every three to four months. So I trusted her advice when it came to sorting out a playgroup for Jane.
Mainstream nurseries and playgroups
PRESENS - Pre-school Special Educational Needs Service
Specialist pre-schools
More support for pre-school children

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