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who’s who in SEN?

This page tells you about some of the key professionals or bodies you will encounter if your child has SEN

Brighton & Hove Children’s Services – the department of the city council responsible for children’s services including education. Also known as the local authority or LA.

Casework Officers – work in the SEN team in Brighton & Hove Children’s Services (the local authority or ‘LA’) dealing with the statutory assessment and statementing process.

Classroom assistants/Teaching assistants – support and assist class teachers, may give extra help to children with special needs.

Educational Psychologists – advise parents, schools and the local authority on children’s special educational needs and play a key role in the statementing process.

Education Welfare Officers – work with schools, children and parents on attendance problems.

Independent Parental Supporter – someone you choose, or a trained volunteer from Amaze, who will support you through your negotiations with the local authority and your child’s school.

Learning Support Assistants/Individual Needs Assistants – give extra help to children with special needs, individually or in groups.

Learning Support Teachers/Individual Needs Teachers – give extra tuition to children with special needs, working together with the class teacher and SENCO.

Named Officer – the officer in the SEN (Special Educational Needs) team at Brighton & Hove Children’s Services who will deal with your child’s case, usually your casework officer.

Outreach or Visiting Teachers – are based with learning support services or special schools. They travel from school to school to work with teaching staff, children and parents.

PRESENS teacher/nursery nurse – for children under five with special needs and their families. Visit parents at home and support children in pre-school settings.

School Nurses – work in both special and mainstream schools alongside the school doctor and are responsible for routine health checks and giving healthcare advice and support.

Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) – the member of staff in a mainstream school responsible for special educational needs within the school.

Youth Employability Service LDD (Learning Difficulties and Disabilities) Advisers – support young people with statements of special educational need (SEN) aged 13 to 19 (and sometimes up to 25) to make choices about further education and training and support their transition to adult life.

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