For families of children and young people with SEN and disabilities helpline 01273 772289


For many parents, the most stressful time of all is when your child is first diagnosed, or is going through the process of trying to get a diagnosis. Here we look at getting a diagnosis, what happens if you don't get a diagnosis and offer strategies for dealing with this difficult time. read more

specialist health services

Following an initial contact with a professional like your GP or health visitor, your child may then be referred for more specialist treatment. This page tells you about the local health service treatment centres that provide more specialist assessment and support. read more


Children who have more complex needs and difficulties may require help to learn some of the skills they will need to cope with daily living. This page looks at the kinds of therapies available in Brighton and Hove. read more


If your child has a disability or an ongoing medical condition, you may be regular visitors to our local hospitals. Here we give advice about making the best of medical appointments and hospital stays. read more

healthcare complaints

Our GPs, hospitals and specialist services most often do a great job. However, occasionally, you may not be happy with the treatment your child receives or, in extreme cases, feel you have a right to compensation or legal redress. This section tells you about making a complaint about healthcare. read more

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