For families of children and young people with SEN and disabilities helpline 01273 772289

who’s who in social care

Here are some of the key organisations and professionals who provide social care services for children with disabilities or special needs and their families. read more

how to get social care

In Brighton and Hove most of the specialist health and social care services for children and young people are managed by the Child Development and Disability Service, based at the Seaside View Child Development Centre. read more

short breaks (respite)

Short breaks or respite are all about giving you and the rest of the household a break. This page explains more about who is eligible for short breaks services and how to get them. read more

equipment & adaptations

There are all sorts of specialist equipment and adaptations to your home that may help make daily life a bit easier for families with a child with more severe physical disabilities. read more

access, transport & parking

Families with disabled children need to plan outings and journeys with care. This page tells you about the kinds of help you can get with transport and parking, and where to get information about access. read more

complaints about social care

Local social care services like short breaks and adaptations often make a very positive difference to a family's daily life. However, occasionally, you may not be happy with the level of service you receive or how services are delivered. This page explains how to complain about social care. read more

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