For families of children and young people with SEN and disabilities helpline 01273 772289

support from other parents

Many parents find that joining a parent-to-parent support group is a life-saver, especially in the early days when your child has just been diagnosed. This might be a general group for parents of any child with special needs or a group for parents of children with a specific condition or disability. There are also groups […] read more

support from professionals

There are many local and national organisations that can offer information and support to parent carers. Some cater for certain disability groups; others are for anyone who may be caring for a child with special needs. read more

help with behaviour

Most parents will have times when they worry about their child’s behaviour or their own parenting and this can be much more frequent if your child has additional needs. Here we offer tips for dealing with behaviour issues and tell you about organisations that can help. read more

amaze’s top survival tips

Here's a selection of our top survival tips for maintaining your sanity and getting what you think is best for your child. read more

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