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Consultation meeting on reorganisation of special schools hosted by Amaze

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10:30 am - 12:00 pm

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Come along to this consultation meeting about the council’s proposals to reorganise the city’s special schools.
This is the last in a series of meetings taking place at the special schools themselves (read more about the other meetings on our news page) and is for parents who cannot make the meeting at their child’s school or who are not currently linked to one of the schools. You will get the chance to hear more about the proposed changes and ask questions.

Amaze and/or the Parent Carers’ Council hopes to be at all the consultation events, helping you to express your concerns and communicate your views.

What is the council proposing?

The council proposes to keep the same number of special school places for children and young people but to reorganise the provision as follows:

  • Merge Hillside Special School and Downs Park Special School to form an integrated hub in the west of the city. The provision will be for pupils aged 2 – 18 years with learning difficulties, and will operate from both of the current school sites but under one leadership team and governing body.
  • Merge Downs View Special School and Cedar Centre to create an integrated hub in the east of the city. The provision will be for pupils aged 2 – 19 years with learning difficulties, and will be based on the current sites of Downs View School which will be extended as necessary.
  • Bring together the provision currently made by Homewood College, the Connected Hub, and the Pupil Referral Unit (PRU) to create an integrated city wide hub. The provision will be for pupils 4-18 with social, emotional and mental health needs, and is likely to operate from Lynchet Close and Homewood sites, but under cohesive leadership arrangements.

You can read more about the proposals and have your say at:

How to book?

Call the Amaze helpline on 01273 772289 or email to let us know you are coming.


Conference Room, Community Base
113 Queens Road

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