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SoSAFE! social safety workshop from PECS

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9:00 am - 4:00 pm

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photo of young man with downs syndrome smiling

PECS is offering a SoSAFE! workshop that can provide you with visual and conceptual tools to teach your child or young person how to navigate relationships and stay safe.

The SoSAFE! toolkit aims to give young people with intellectual disabilities or autism a set of rules to help them manage and communicate about their relationships, learn about explicit consent, and develop the tools to report potential abuse.

See the PECS website for more information.

How to book

The workshop costs £135 for parent carers, reduced from the full price of £225 for professionals.

We’re aware this is still expensive for many of our parent carers. However, as many parent carers have told us they’ve found the PECS workshops very useful, we include it in our listings for your reference.

Please note that registration opens at 8.30am.

You can book for the workshop on the PECS website.


PECS Brighton Office
Crowhurst Road

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