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We want to hear about your experience of being a parent carer.

parent-storiesNothing helps people understand what it’s like to bring up a child with additional needs better than real life stories. And these same stories can help convince funders just how vital it is to keep supporting charities like Amaze. Better still, they can offer real comfort to mums and dads who might just be starting out on their journey as parent carers.

Could you tell us your story of life as a parent carer in Brighton and Hove? What is life like for you every day? Why did you first turn to Amaze?  Did we help? And if so, how ?

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Need more pointers?

  • Perhaps you might want to tell us your whole journey from diagnosis to now?
  • Or maybe there was a particularly tough time with your child’s health or education that you think really needs to be told to give strength to other parents.
  • Likewise, if Amaze made a great difference to your lives, we’d love to hear your version of what we did and how we did it. Or even if we didn’t do so well, we’d like to hear about that too.
  • Or anything else that you or your young person would like to share.

And of course we’ll change names to protect your anonymity (if you want this) and send you a copy to check before we ever use anything.

You can just scribble it down on paper and send it to Charlotte Moroney at Amaze. Or, even better, write it up on your computer and send it by email to  If writing isn’t your thing but you’d really love to tell your story, then just call the helpline or email Charlotte direct and she’ll give you a call to arrange an interview by phone.

Your stories are worth a great deal to us, so please share them if you can.


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