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This page introduces you to the key service providers for disabled children and children with special educational needs in Brighton and Hove.

other_local_servicesSome of them are statutory services, funded by the local authority or health service. Others are voluntary organisations or charities that get funding to provide key support services. This is a quick signposting guide. You can find more information about these services and others in our Advice for Parents section or on the Local Offer pages of the council’s website.

Integrated Child Development and Disability Service

In Brighton, disabled children’s services are part of the city’s integrated children’s services. Health, education and social care services work together to respond to the needs of disabled children and their families and carers.

Seaside View Child Development Centre

The majority of specialist services for disabled children are located at the Seaside View  Child Development Centre, based at Brighton General Hospital in Elm Grove. The team at Seaside View includes: paediatricians, social workers, specialist health visitors, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists and physiotherapists.  If you or a professional, such as your GP or health visitor, has concerns about your child’s development, they will be referred to Seaside View for further assessment.

Visit the Disabled Children’s Services page on Brighton & Hove’s website. Or read the leaflet in the download box to the right for more information on Seaside View and its services.


This is the Pre-school Special Educational Needs Service, which is part of the Integrated Child Development and Disability Service, based at the Jeanne Saunders Centre in Hove. PRESENS advise and support pre-school education settings all over the city to work well with children with special needs. They also offer a range of specialist early intervention and support packages for children from two and a half to five years.

Read more about PRESENS on our page about education for the under fives

Short Breaks

The children’s disability service runs two centres for short breaks – Drove Road and Tudor House. They have an outreach service and a youth scheme Cherish. Other short breaks are provided via voluntary sector providers. Read more about short breaks and other kinds of help with daily life.

Brighton & Hove City Council education services

Most services to do with education are run by the city council. For more information on education in Brighton & Hove, visit the council website

You can also read more in the education section in Advice for Parents


All the schools in the city are listed on the council website with their contact details. The list includes the six special schools run by the local authority. School admissions are run by a team based at Kings House in Hove. Read more about school admissions and school transport on the council website.

Special educational needs

The SEN Team is based at King’s House in Hove. They are responsible for children who need extra support and help to learn at school beyond what their school would normally offer. This team will be involved if your child has an assessment for a statement of SEN.

The local authority also provides learning support services like the language and literacy support services or the autistic spectrum condition support service; the educational psychology service; home tuition and hospital tuition services.

For more information about Statements and learning support services, visit the council’s SEN pages

You can also read more about Statementing in the education section of Advice for Parents.

Pre schools and childcare

The Family Information Service (FIS) is the best place to start for information about pre-schools and all forms of child care. Visit the FIS website.


The Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service delivers mental health services to children and young people with emotional and mental health needs.  They do this in association with the Community Mental Health and Wellbeing Team. There is a single point of referral for all mental health services for children and young people at the Aldrington Centre in Hove.

Read more about referrals to CAMHS and the kinds of services that you might be offered on our page about specialist health services.

You can also visit the CAMHS pages on the Brighton &  Hove website.

The Royal Alex

The Royal Alexandra is the local children’s hospital where children might be diagnosed as having certain medical or clinical conditions. The consultants at the hospital have their own specialist areas, for instance in the treatment of asthma, diabetes and epilepsy, and also hold joint clinics alongside visiting specialists from hospitals such as Guy’s and Great Ormond Street, to get a clearer picture of your child’s needs and to plan a programme of treatment. The hospital provides inpatient and outpatient services, including intensive care and a 24 hour emergency care service. Find out more at

Brighton & Hove Fostering and Adoption Team

If you are an adoptive parent or foster carer of a child with additional needs, you can get some support from Brighton and Hove’s Fostering and Adoption team. They run a weekly ‘drop in’ for adopters and children under five and various support groups for adopters and children of different ages. There is also a lesbian and gay adopters and foster carers group run by the parent carers themselves. The Adoption team also runs social events for parents and children, workshops for Brighton and Hove adopters and a Parenting Programme specifically for adopters, in partnership with After Adoption. To read the full range of services available to adoptive parents visit the Adoption Passport page. Or call 01273 295444 for more information.

Community and voluntary sector organisations

There are many voluntary organisations working in Brighton and Hove. These are the key ones but use our Useful Contacts directory to find more or read about them in Advice for Parents.

The Carers Centre

The Carers Centre provide information, advice and support for carers of adults. This includes support for Young Carers. Visit the Carers Centre website

The Fed

The Fed Centre for Independent Living (usually known as the Fed)  offers advice and support for disabled people. Visit the Fed’s website


Extratime run afterschool clubs and holiday schemes that are fully inclusive for all children and young people with additional needs. Visit Extratime’s website

Barnardos/Link Plus

Link Plus provides family based short breaks for disabled children. Visit the website for Barnardos/Link Plus





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