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looking after you

Our 'Looking After You' courses are all about giving you some space to unwind and learn how to cope with the stresses and strains of everyday life as a parent carer.

LAY-croppedLooking After You is a course specifically for parent carers to help them think about how to manage their role and its particular demands. The course is practical and you get bite size ideas to take home and try.

The course covers resilient therapy, meditation and Pilates and we share our experiences together.

“I enjoyed the course and in particular I felt it was good to meet other people in similar situations. I felt I was not alone. I felt a sense of belonging from the group. Also, every now and then, someone in the group would talk about something that has helped them and I would think, ah, that might be helpful to try that too.”

What do they cover?

Resilient Therapy
This is a model that helps build up our resources and cultivate our strengths. It can help us think about what we need to manage well and what to do practically.

We learn basic Pilates to stretch out the body and relieve stress, aches and pains and to connect with ourselves and how we feel.

We learn basic breathing exercises to use in everyday life, simple short and do-able anywhere. We also discover ways to relax and recover, calming the nervous system and resting.

The Looking After You course is run by two parent carers who have travelled the road themselves as well as being trained in counselling and Pilates.

Find out about forthcoming Looking After You courses or shorter taster sessions on our events listing or you can email for more information.


Our Looking After You fact sheet gives tips and hints to help you look after yourself.

Here are two illustrated audio files that give  you a taster of the kinds of relaxation techniques covered by the Looking After You course.

Further advice and support

“Sometimes when there is so much to do and time is precious or you aren’t feeling sociable, it is hard to force yourself out of the door to attend but I always felt it was worth it and as a message to others who are thinking of attending I would say definitely go! You will feel you are not alone.”


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